Tips on Choosing an Ideal Cabin

When you are choosing an ideal cabin, then it can be a bit intimidating, especially when you have no idea where to start. There are some aspects that are worth consideration and they include:

The appearance:

You should always start with something that is appealing to you. Since this is something that you will always have to live with, it is important to be proud of it. Choosing the ideal factory means that you will have a wide range to select from. Essentially, you will have so many options that can be included and the company can integrate some of your suggestions.


Natural timber is always an ideal material for the floor. The thickness of the floor is also as important. Choosing a thinner flooring means that you will feel like you are bouncing around. This is one of the reasons as to why you should consider flooring that is 28 mm in thickness.

Glazing, doors, and windows:

If the intention is to have a garden room or a home office, then you should go for double-glazing. There are some instances when single glazing can still be perfect. The doors and the windows also need to be perfect. It is important to make sure that these are able to serve the purpose for which they are meant and with great ease.


It is possible to insulate just the under the floor. Some can also be insulated within the roof. If you are planning to use it as a permanent accommodation, or even as an office, then an insulated cabin is the best option for you. There are some that include an outer wall and an inner one. This thickness provides great rigidity and little distortion. The cavity or gap that is within offers insulation. You can make your own specifications if you choose to go bespoke.


The size always matters. It is very important to have a size that meets all your needs and fits your space.

Wall thickness:

There are different thicknesses that you can think of. Choose the thickest that you can afford. When you choose a thicker option, it will be more robust and will be better when it comes to insulation. It will also last long. Choose a provider who has a wide choice of thickness options.

The roof finish:

It is important to choose a roof that will last long and look great at the same time. Do not go for the DIY ones. You should appreciate the fact that roofing is a material that is specialized. You should always go for quality. You will always have a great product when it conforms to the set standards. There are manufacturers that offer long term guarantees and these are the best to go for.


Since wood is natural, it looks amazing. It is also important to care for it as much as you can. It is important to have the wood treated with the best stain. A preserver is also a good idea. This is one of the ways in which you can guarantee that it will last a long time.

Is Owning Rental Property, For You?

For some individuals, owning, and operating, rental, real estate properties, is a great idea, while, for others, this might not be the case! The difference, not only applies, to the specific property, but, also, each individual’s personality, attitude, and personal, specific strengths and weaknesses. Some factors include, of, course, financial ones, including the necessary reserves, needed, for purchasing a property, starting with the down – payment, closing costs, reserves for repairs, upgrades, renovations, and contingencies. In addition, some individuals are better – suited, for, owning rental property, than others, because some, do not want, the stresses, and tensions, involved, in this type of commitment. With this in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, review, and discuss, a few of the key factors and considerations, one should thoroughly explore, in – depth, prior to taking the leap.

1. Personal financials: Do you have the necessary funds, and will you qualify, for whatever financing, might be required? Obtaining a mortgage on a non – owner – occupied property, is significantly different from the process, regarding, one for a personal home. In most cases, a larger down – payment is required (often 25% – down, instead of 20%). In addition, the requirements differ, because not only, must you clearly demonstrate, the same things, you do, for a personal loan, you must also demonstrate, the property is viable, from a financial standpoint, and the rents, will handle the cash flow. It’s important, to have, several reserves, including: a) repairs; b) renovations; c) upgrades; unanticipated contingencies, etc.

2. Property financial issues: I am a believer in the 6% – rule, which means, the net return, should be 6%. For example, one factor is the cash flow, while the other is the overall rate of return, or return – on – investment/ ROI. Therefore, if you purchase a $500,000 property, put $125, 000 down, and have a $375, 000 mortgage loan, and the rate is 5%, your principal and interest, on a 30 – year, fixed – rate vehicle, will be approximately $2,000 per month. If the real estate taxes, and other escrow items, including insurance, etc, are, for example, $12, 000 per year, or $1, 000 per month, your total, out – of – pocket, each month, is approximately, $3, 000. If you estimate, upgrades, repairs, etc, are another $12, 000 per year ($1, 000/ month), you should use this $4, 000 per month, figure, for your preliminary calculations. In addition, base you revenues, on having each unit, unoccupied/ vacant, 2 months per year, to proceed conservatively. This means, you should collect a rent – roll, total, from all units, of at least, $4250 per month. In addition, you should be ensured, your net income, must generate approximately $32,000 per year.

3. Dealing with maintenance issues: Are you comfortable with these challenges and responsibilities?

4. Dealing with tenants: Are you ready, willing and able, to deal with tenants, and collect rents, enforce leases, meet the needs of a tenant, and the personality issues, involved?

5. Opportunity costs: How does the owning of these properties (remember to factor in appreciation, depreciation – benefits, and net income, compare with how, you might do, with other investment vehicles?

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